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ALL AIRFARE MUST BE BOOKED THROUGH LUXE TRAVEL.  INFORMATION IS BELOW IN FAQs. Get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, an intense adventure into the heart of where bold is born. Trek the rugged terrain where few have dared venture, where life-long friendships are formed and the world’s boldest cigars are forged. Camp Camacho is 4 days / 3 nights of intense immersion into where our “Live Loud” world is born.Space is limited and only available to a select few. Book now. (Trip cost includes all lodging, ground transportation, experiences, food, cigars, and beverages) Arrive at Toncontín airport and be escorted to our Guest House in Danli for a welcome reception where you will enjoy a BBQ & swimming Enjoy a beautiful and unique culinary experience at La Cumbre In Tegucigalpa  Visit La Tigra National Park Zip-Lining Hiking Sightseeing Rum & Cigar Pairings Tour of the Original Corojo Farm in Jamastran Camacho Factory Tour In-Depth Blending and Rolling Seminar Create your own custom bold smoke Danli City & Sightseeing Tour Note: You will be contacted by the event organizer to sign a Release of Liability.    Frequently Asked Questions Who do I contact if I have issues using eventbrite? Lynn Hawkins, [email protected], Office Line: 727-828-5432 Do I need a passport to travel to Honduras? Yes, you need a valid passport to travel to Honduras. Your passport cannot have an expiration date within 6 months of your trip date. If you are a U.S. traveler wishing to enter Honduras, you must present a U.S. passport with at least six months remaining validity. A visa is not required for U.S. citizens, but tourists must provide evidence of return or onward travel. U.S. citizens are encouraged to carry a photocopy of their U.S. passports with them at all times so that if questioned by local officials proof of identity and U.S. citizenship are readily available. Do I need any particular vaccinations to travel to Honduras? No, there are no required vaccinations for traveling to Honduras What other precautionary measures should be taken in Honduras? It is advisable to take other health precautions, including water and food care. Regarding water, it is always advisable to drink it bottled and avoid ice cubes, while foods are important to consume always cooked, except for fruits and vegetables that can be peeled. How do I book my airfare? What airport will I fly into? You will fly into Toncontín Airport Located in Tegucigalpa. All flights must be booked directly through our travel agent, Jeff Lewis. There will be a $35.00 charge but assists with logistics should you encounter flight issues, inclement weather or need to cancel.  He can be reached with the information below. Please use EMAIL as the first method of contact: Jeff LewisV.I.P Travel Consultant, LUXE Travel16450 Bake Parkway, Suite 100 • Irvine, CA 92618866-575-6971 x9344 (Office)949-242-9344 (Direct)714-293-2767 (Cell)[email protected] When emailing regarding your flight please provide: Full Name (as it appears on your passport), DOB, preferred departure airport, selected trip dates & your cell phone number. DAVIDOFF OF GENEVA USA, INC., is registered with the state of Florida as a Seller of Travel, Registration No.ST41122 What are the ground transportation arrangements upon arrival? You will be picked up by our Camp Camacho bus outside of the terminal upon arrival at Tegucigalpa Airport.  The vehicle/driver will be clearly marked. If you have any difficulties upon arrival you may contact Barbara Penman at +50432246098  What do I need to bring? Personal toiletries such as: Toothpaste, deodorant, digestive medications (i.e. Pepto, Alka Seltzer), bug repellent and any prescribed medications. You will also need a bathing suit, comfortable clothes and shoes conducive with outdoor activities and long walks/hiking/zip lining. **Note – participation in activities are at your own discretion and preference** There are no laundry facilities onsite so bring enough clothing for the duration of your stay. However, you will be given fresh towels and linens daily. Do I need to convert currency?  How much cash should I bring? You do not need to convert currency upon landing.  USD is an accepted form of payment.  You wont “need” cash for anything but it is recommended that you bring some in case you find there are souvenirs that you may want where they may not accept credit cards.  We do have international ATMs, in fact there is one on the factory premises. You don’t need to convert money, but in case you want to, you can do it right at your arrival at the airport. Is there cellular service? Wi-Fi? It is recommended that you contact your carrier to find out if you need any special plans while traveling abroad.  Additionally, upon landing it is recommended that you turn off your cellular data to avoid any additional charges. Reception may be spotty in some cases when away from the guesthouse so plan to be off the grid.  However, the guesthouse does have complimentary Wi-Fi. You may also want to download “Whatsapp”.  This is freeware app, which can allow smartphone users to communicate easily. For any emergency calls we will provide you with your point of contacts name and phone number to leave behind with family & friends.  You will receive this prior to your trip. Are the wall outlets different? No, you will have 120V outlets (the same as you find in the US) Will there be cigars for sale during my trip? There will be no cigars sold during your trip.  All consumable cigars and your special blend you will create in the factory are all included in the cost of your trip. What happens if I get sick during the trip? There is a doctor available at all times and there is also a hospital within less than a mile from the property.  There will be a driver with you at all times as well as the capability to call for medical assistance if needed. How do I find information on safety and health conditions abroad? The U.S. Department of State assesses safety and health conditions for every country in the world, and issues a travel advisory. Every advisory gives detailed information about potential hazards such as crime, road safety, political instability, and terrorism.  Their site is: https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/country.html.  Also, note that the guest house has cameras and a security system.     

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New to Jobvite? Looking to get educated on Jobvite Hire, our Applicant Tracking System? Spend a day with us and become the Jobvite resource for your organization.   This comprehensive training sesion is intended for Jobvite Hire Administrators. Training Agenda Topics:  Understand roles in Jobvite Customize configuration Automate forms, communications, and offer letters Increase employee engagement Social Recruiting Explore new features Optimize your Jobvite instance  Techniques for building key reports Question and answer roundtable   When: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 Where: Jobvite - 1300 S El Camino Real, Suite 400, San Mateo, CA, 94402 *Guest parking available in the outdoor lot *Lunch, coffee, and snacks provided *Please don't forget to bring your laptop! Registration: $495 per person - register 3 people at your company and save 15%, or bring a buddy and save 10%     *Please Note: Boot Camp Training events could be canceled due to low enrollment or other factors. In the unlikely event that a cancelation does occur, we will refund your Boot Camp ticket purchase and provide a seat at a future Boot Camp event.

Nov 25, 2017 9:00 AM

The 1st Annual Ontario Winter Camping Symposium - Brought to You By Snowtrekker Tents -  is coming to the University of Waterloo Theatre of the Arts on Saturday November 25th 2017! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy Ontario's wilderness in the winter months? Want to learn more? Or are you an experienced winter camper who wants to try something new...hot tenting, cold tenting, snow shelter or crown land camping? Then the Ontario Winter Camping Symposium is for you! Visit us at: www.ontariowintercamping.ca Speakers include: Jim Baird - Winner of the History Channel's "Alone" challenge, Jim will be discussing his solo winter crossing of the Ungava Penninsula in Northern Quebec. Kevin Callan - The Happy Camper himself will discuss his winter travels, and preview his upcoming winter camping book! David Lee - The Passionate Paddler will share his other passion....cold tenting in Killarney PP, including an ascent of Silver Peak in winter! Martin Pine - Martin is an experienced winter shelter builder and crown land camper. Want to escape the provincial parks? Martin is your guy! Duane and Marion Sonntag - The Camping Family will discuss the enthusiastic group of winter campers that invades Algonquin Parks Mew Lake Campground for New Years and the Family Day Weekend each year for "Winter in the Wilderness". New to winter camping? This may be the place to start! Tierney Angus - Tierney is a journalism student, canoeing enthusiast, all-season backcountry camper and Friends of Temagami board member. Tierney will be sharing how she set out to learn how to live as comfortably as possible in the hard water season by making her own equipment with a whole lot of research and a very small budget. Visit us at:  www.ontariowintercamping.ca Brought to you by Snowtrekker Tents www.snowtrekkertents.com Here at Snowtrekker® Tents, traditional winter camping skills and gear are the foundation of our products. We draw our inspiration from the older traditions while keeping an eye on innovations in contemporary materials.Snowtrekker® Tents maintains a strict, sustained commitment to provide only gear of the highest quality and durability to withstand the most demanding winter environments in which it is designed to perform, safely and reliably. This is our mission. And yes, we proudly build our tents in the USA. Please Note: Our valued feature sponsor, Snowtrekker Tents, will not be attending the symposium​due to American Thanksgiving family commitments. Instead, they are generously offering a $50 shipping discount on any tent ordered by symposium attendees in the week following the symposium! Email a picture of your ticket with your tent order, and save! Also Sponsored by: Mancamping.ca: Misadventures and Rugged Outdoor Gear​    www.mancamping.ca The Outland Supply Company​outlandsupplycompany.com The Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co.​www.canadianoutdoorequipment.com Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. - Quality Handcrafted Outdoor Equipment​www.whiskyjackoutdoor.com Pre-order your Whisky Jack Outdoor Co. Freight Toboggan by November 1st and pick it up at the OWCS.​Save the cost of shipping! You save money, we save boxes, it’s a win-win.Go to www.whiskyjackoutdoor.com or email me at [email protected] place your order. Boreal Mountain Anoraks Inc.​www.borealmountainanoraks.com Empire Wool and Canvas Co.www.empirecanvasworks.com ​Chris Randall (a.k.a. Bothwell Voyageur)canoepaddler.me.uk See Sawyer Run : Gear for Dogs. Outdoor. Lifestylewww.seesawyerrun.com  FAQs When does everything start and finish? Doors will open at 9 am to allow the audience to visit sponsor displays. Auditorium seating will begin at 9:30, and speakers will start at 10am. The first three speakers will be followed by a 1 hour lunch break. More time to visit displays will follow the final three speakers. The symposium will be wrapped up by 3:30. What are my parking options for the event? Parking is available in several paid lots on the University of Waterloo campus. Lot H is close to the theatre, and is only $5 on weekends. There is also free parking available a 15 minute walk away at MacGregor Public School at 32 Central Street in Waterloo, or on side streets near that location. Visit the website and click on the "Theatre Location and Parking" Tab for maps and additional information.   What can I bring into the event? No food or drinks can be consumed IN the theatre, but are encouraged in the foyer, so feel free to bring a brown bag lunch. There are also some food options available within a 5 - 10 minute walk both on and near campus. A one hour lunch break will be provided.   How can I contact the organizer with any questions? My email is [email protected]  

Jan 19, 2018 4:00 PM

  Who Should Attend  Do you have Jr. High students in your church?  This age group always seems to fall between the cracks of Children and Youth Ministries.  This event will take place on January 19-21, 2018 at Pine Springs Ranch.  Our theme is Identity.  The goals are simple.We know that during the tween age, we can easily get sucked into a “me-driven” world, it is important for them to know that God has called us to help others along this walk. We want our kids to know that Jesus was sent to serve and that we must emulate the life of Christ and serve Him through serving others. This requires learning how to follow Jesus and showing His love to those that we come across in life.  This event will focus on giving them the necessary tools to begin this relationship and to carry it on throughout their lives.  For more information, please contact Liz Adams at 951-509-2260 or by email at [email protected] 1. All students will need to register through their local church or school. 2. Direct registration questions to Liz Adams - (951) 509-2260   3. The cost is $99/student.  Payment must be received or arrangements made by January 8, 2018.  Send & make check payable to: SECC Youth, 11330 Pierce Street, Riverside, CA 92505. 4. Late Registration—There will be a $20 charge per student if received after January 8, 2018. 5. General Registration—Begins on Friday, Janury 19, 2018 at 4:00 pm in the lodge.  Dinner will be served at 5:30 pm.  The first General Session begins at 7:00 pm. Family groups are being made with the purpose of digging deeper into their relationships and establishing new friendships.  The goal is to never have more than five students from the same school in any family group.  Please prepare your students for this and encourage them to cooperate with family group assignments.  Please tell them not to ask for any changes or make any changes on their own.  If they do, they will be asked to return to their original assignments. Please plan on sending at least one chaperone for every seven students you send.  It is recommended to have one adult to each room.  If your chaperones are NOT in the rooms they MUST supervise their kids from a nearby room.  Groups are responsible for any damage done to the rooms.  Room capacity is 6 people.  A male chaperone is required for the males and a female chaperone for the females.  Each chaperone is to come prepared to be an active participant, willing to serve as needed for the entire weekend.  We are requesting that staff not bring their spouses unless they are chaperones.  Joint room ssignments ARE NOT POSSIBLE for married chaperones. What to bring:             *Sleeping bag & mat             *Warm clothing (snow  and/or rain)             *Change of clothing for 2-3 days             *Warm shoes for outdoor activities             *Bible             *Flashlight             *Soap, shampoo, etc.     Onsite Registration Information  1. Group Leader will see Liz Adams at the registration table for the registration packet (name badges, lanyards, room lists for each sponsor, attendance sheet, wristbands). 2. Group Leader take roll on attendance sheet and turn into registration.  Do not send any students to the registration table. 3. Distribute name badge, lanyards, and wristbands to each student before they leave the vehicle or bus. 4. Take luggage to room. 5. Follow schedule on back of name badge. 

Dec 02, 2017 3:00 PM

Join us for a Goddess sisterly adventure and break the routine, take some time for you in between the holiday season and reset your button by giving yourself an opportunity for self-care and womenly bonding with the girls. Dec 2nd & 3rd  is a special weekend, not only is it the arrival of the full moon, but it's a SUPER MOON. A Super Moon occurs when the moon is 90% closest to Earth & because it’s so close to us, it will appear bigger and brighter than any Full Moon you have seen this year It's also the Cold Moon which means the weather is getting nice and cool for us here in Florida this is great for outdoor time, it is also a great opportunity before the holiday craze to pause and give back to YOU. That's why we are creating this opportunity for you to recharge under the moonlight around the fire casting intentions for the new year coming 2018.  We have reservations for Teepes & Tents @ Quiet Waters Park learn more about the location.  Schedule  Saturday, Dec 2nd  Goddess Arrivals 3-5pm  This is a time for the arrival of the sisters that will be camping and staying overnight and an opportunity to meet & greet plus make out a nest in your already provided for sleeping tent, (please bring sleeping gear toiletries etc) we will organize food and supplies and make ourselves and each other comfortable. Please bring whatever you may need for the weekend. *** This is a sharing community-oriented environment where we can all share and have a stream of abundance Bring in healthy fruits, veggies, snacks etc to share and your own plate fork, cup etc.  Opening Magic Cacao Ceremony & Medicine Word Circle 5-7pm  This opening ceremony, is to create sacred space, set up our Goddess Altar, invoke the elements, state the intention of your purpose for the weekend, light the fire for the evening and warm up a healing Cacao Brew to share around the fire, we will also move our bodies and get in the flow of healing and regeneration, learn from each other, share a word, a song, a poem, a dance or inspiration from with in as we pass the peace pipe and comune with herbal healing plants conducive for the sharing of word. Co-create this magic moment w/ Collaborative Sisterhood Goddess & The Runes Workshop 7-8pm   In this workshop, we will be discovering an ancient divination system that will help to open your intuition, listen to your feminine spirit guidance and decode messages for your higher purpose through the ancient alphabetical system of the Runes w/ Edwina Star  Group Break 8-8:30 pm  Take a moment to collect yourself, reflect, relax, grab a drink, have a conversation, stretch, enjoy.  Divination Create Your Future Workshop 8:30-9:30 pm  Discover the magic of intuitive mediumship tap into expanding the capacity of your mind to open to spirit's message through the tarot, angel cards and the like, go within and listen to the whispering oracle who will guide you in a vision to encounter your best self this 2018 and beyond w/ Franchesca & Sahara  Potluck Dinner By The Fire 9:30 - 10:30 pm  We will have an opportunity to meet and greet each other during dinner to take time to fuel and feel satiated for the evening. We recommend you bring an easy to digest prepared warm dish for this part of the gathering that can easily be warmed on the grill over the fire charcoal, such as lentils, soup or cooked veggies.   Integration Evening Circle 10:30pm -11:00 pm We will share with each other a magical revelation or inspiration revealed to us during the divination workshops / ceremonial activities and prepare for our next and closing activity. Tribal Fusion Belly Dance  11:00pm-12:00 am Sway your way into a comfortable relaxation time by dancing in undulating flows of sensual belly dance attracting moves that will ignite your inner goddess with a tribal fusion class including elements of Indian dance, Thailand moves and a grounded flow of energy that allows you to focus in every movement, complimented with a soft yoga flow.  Get Comfy & Rest 12:00 -12:30 am Prepare yourself to rest for next days activities Sunday, Dec 3rd  Tea & Breakfast  9-10 am  Prepare, coffee, tea, fruit and light morning foods in a community share good times enjoy.   Official Start For (One Day Guest) 1st Half of Day Sacral Yoga & Self Care Goddess Circle 10-11 am  Wake up your hips and sacral chakra with circular, fluid and pelvic opening rounded movements accompanied by a very feminine natural yoga and movement flow that connects you with an ease of feeling and being. Indulge the senses with a self-massage goddess circle to empower your healing with our elemental herbal body oils, aromatherapy auric sprays, and rejuvenating serums you will be guided in this morning ritual for radical self-care. Finalize this rejuvenating class with Sound Healing and Herbal Vaping w/ Angie Rainbow G & Joanna Marie Starseed Humming Bird Personal Time 11-12pm  Sleepovers take time to refresh, shower etc (showers on the campsite), (if you just arrived take a stroll and journal after yoga), organize your stuff, relax, etc. Evol-Ve Female Empowerment Workshop 12-1pm  Evol-Ve Female Empowerment Workshop Take a stand for your capacity to feel sexier, love yourself more feel more confident than ever. FREE your muse from her prison and dance. Wake up a sleeping soul, To be a warrior of her SOUL mission. Thus Empowering the human spirit. This workshop will give you Female empowerment for more ammunition for a sex life and superior empowerment for a balanced relationship with the masculine, boss, husband friend or lover.  To encompass the full circle of LOVE Is to also embrace the EVOL side of love which is Fetish. Evol-ve by the Evol Empress Santa Maria. Lunch Break 1-2pm  Yoni & Chakra Crystal Healing Workshop 2-3pm  Discover how to heal & align your chakras with the sacred magic healing of the crystals, discover how connecting with your yoni will heighten your level of confidence inside and outside the bedroom, so get comfortable with her and learn how you can use crystal eggs and crystal wands to unblock any repressed sensual & sexual energy. 2nd Half of Day Into Evening Readings & Healings 3-7pm  This is the time to take advantage of scheduling your readings or healings with our team of goddesses take your pick and don't forget to purchase your reading/healing tickets at check out to request any of these services.  Angie - Thai Yoga Therapeutic Bodywork w/ Aromatherapy & Crystal Healing, Ayurvedic. Donna Rayna - Oracle Strategic Life Coaching SessionEdwina Star - Runes - Aura ReadingJoanna Marie- Sound Healing & Herbal Therapy Sahara Rose - Tarot ReadingFranchesca - Angel ReadingSanta Mary - Soul Strengthening Female Empowerment SessionVerrina Dancer - Unleash Your Inner Goddess w/ Belly Dance One on One Goddess Movement Healing Therapy  Lindsay Sternberg (Wanderlust Women) - Will facilitate a play lodge healing experience for those of you that rather play during this time, she will facilitate many types of fun movement games and fun activities for big girls. Closing Super Moon Ceremony 7pm-9pm  We will gaze at the moon, meditate, under the moon, dance under the moon and cast a magic circle under the moon to empower our intentions for this new year to come. We close with a final spin around the fire as we exalt with emotions our magic into the universe.  Goodbyes.  Weekend, Single and Half Day Prices:  Saturday - Sunday: 2 Days & 1 OverNight =  $177 or Early Bird $157  (No entries available at door for overnights, must pre-register due to limited space) Sunday: 1 Day & 1 Evening = $107 or Early Bird $97  ($117 at door)  Sunday: 1st Half of Day Or Evening = $57 or Early Bird $47 ($67 at door) Add-On Value To Your Experience By Purchasing A Reading/Healing Session Or Package Of Sessions. Sunday Reading/Healing Packages:  1 , 20 Min Session = $20  (30 at door) 2 , 20 Min Sessions = $35 (45 at door) 3 , 20 Min Sessions = $50 (60 at door) As always when you support our events you support the growth of our goals to become a 501-C3 organization for women and their communities to connect to the earth and spirit. It also facilitates all of our guest goddess facilitators to contribute and to share their gifts and classes with the attendants.

Nov 24, 2017 9:00 AM

Children may arrive as early as 8:30 am. Pick-up time will be between 3:30 and 3:45 pm (for regular full-day camp) or between 5 and 5:15 pm (for full-day plus extended care). ​ iMake iMove P.A. Day Camp is packed with fun and active team games and play, interchanging with both screen-free and computer hands-on activities. It will be a day for an outlet of energy and creativity while learning about 21st century digital skill. We will explore why and how to: - stay active in the modern technology environment; - be a responsible digital citizen; - work safely online; - create simple working circuit using Makey Makey Classic Kit and Chibitronics - learn technology through arts and crafts; - make codes using BBC Micro:bit and open-source block coding editors Campers will work in teams and also individually. Outdoor activities within the Church area will be arranged when weather permits. The camp will be held in the Upper Hall at the Church with ample space and easy access to a fridge. Please label your snack and lunch if you need to store them in the fridge for freshness.​  FAQs How should my child prepare for the session? We provide all resources and tools for the session. All your child need is a pair of running shoes, a reusable water bottle, nut-free snacks and lunch. Ensure your child is well nourished before attending the session. Please dress for the weather (e.g. bring a jacket) as we may go outdoor within the Church area. Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable? Registration fee and ticket can be transferrable between siblings (children) in the same family only. Please notify us by email to [email protected] or leave us a voice message at 705-808-5009 as soon as possible.       What's the refund policy for PA Day Camp? No refund is available after registration. However, we understand that emergency does happen. Please notify us of your emergency at least one hour before the camp start, either by emailing us at [email protected] or leaving us a voice message at 705-808-5009. We will then contact you and provide you with a discount code for our next PA Day Camp. Please note that we cannot guarantee the next available full-day camp will be at the same location. If the camp is cancelled by iMake iMove due to unexpected event (e.g. extreme weather, emergency at facility), full refund will be made to your account within 5 business days. Please be aware that, depending on your financial institution, it may take more than 5 business days for the refund to appear on your bank/credit card account.          

Dec 07, 2017 7:00 PM

Do you like to ski, snowshoe, snowmobile, snowboard, hike, camp, explore the outdoors and come home safe?  Here's a workshop for you! BC AdventureSmart is excited to be in Prince George on December 7, 2017 presenting the 'Survive Outside Program', joined by members of your local Prince George SAR group. Statistics show that each year across BC there are approximately 1,600 ground Search and Rescue incidents. They involve all types of outdoor enthusiasts, from hikers and skiers to backcountry travellers and boaters.  BC AdventureSmart encourages you to have fun and play, but always be informed and prepared before you set out. Time spent gaining this extra knowledge and skills can help reverse the SAR incident trend.  Three steps to safety outside ... By following three easy steps, we believe that outdoor recreationalists will significantly improve their chances of survival should they become lost or in distress.  Trip Planning. Plan your travel route. Know the terrain and conditions. Check the weather and always fill out a trip plan.  Training. Obtain the knowledge and skills you need before heading out. Know and stay within your limits. Taking the Essentials. Always carry these essentials, and know how to use them. Add other equipment specific to your chosen activity, season and location. Your local Prince George SAR group is 1 of the 80 SAR groups in BC, assisting those who are lost, in trouble or hurt.  Learn more; http://www.bcsara.com http://www.pgsar.ca FAQs Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? No. What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? https://www.unbc.ca/search/parking How can I contact the organizer with any questions? [email protected]  

Dec 17, 2017 10:00 AM

CELEBRATE HANUKKAH AT THE BEAUTIFUL SHALOM INSTITUTE IN MALIBU, the home of CAMP JCA SHALOM and SHEMESH ORGANIC FARM! Join Us on Sunday, December 17th for Hanukkah Family Fun Day- A great day for the whole family!   $10 per person, kids 6 and under free!  Fee includes all activites, snacks and a delicious kosher lunch. Here is the schedule for the day (Program starts at 10 am- please come as close to 10 am as you can so you don't miss activities): 10:00 am-11:45 am      Shemesh Organic Farm Hanukkah Nature Crafts Farming Fun for Toddlers Cider Making            Games Outdoor Cooking  -  Latke Making                                             Hanukkah Arts & Crafts   Olive Oil Tasting                                Harvesting on the Farm Tree Planting                                                     "Jamba Jews" Bike Blender Latkes Meeting the Animals at our Pinat Chai Animal Center: Donkeys, Sheep, Alpacas, Goats, Chickens, "Norman" the Steer, Peacocks, Tortoises, and More!     11:45 am-12:30 pm    Delicious Lunch in our Dining Hall   12:30 pm- 12:50 pm   Hanukkah Sing- Along with ROBBO!   12:50- 2:30  pm          Ropes Course and Amphitheater                                                 Archery Zip Line                                                               Climbing Wall Giant Swing Tomahawk Throwing Bubble Meshugas     Hanukkah Cookie Decorating Nature Crafts                               Hanukkah Art & Crafts Hanukkabiah Games- Dreidels & More And More ( for all ages!)                                                           2:30 pm              Shalom                                                   At the 220 beautiful wooded acres of the Shalom Institute in Malibu - just 45 minutes from both the Valley and the City and 5 miles from the Pacific Ocean: 34342 Mulholland Highway, Malibu, CA 90265 www.shalominstitute.com NO PETS PLEASE! Please call 818.889.5500 with questions!   Hanukkah Family Fun Day is made possible by a generous grant from the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. 

Nov 25, 2017 11:00 AM

Attend Indie Eastside DIY Workshops!  When: Saturday, November 25, 2017 (11am-5pm) - Classes take place all day long during the Indie Eastside Event.  Where: No Tox Life's Soap Factory: 3351 Fletcher Drive; Los Angeles, CA 90065 DIY Workshops ($5 each workshop): DIY Body Scrub (11am-12pm) DIY Kid's Soap-Making Workshop (12pm-1pm) DIY Bath Salt Workshop (1pm-2pm) DIY Room Spray/ Linen Spray Workshop (2pm-3pm) DIY Lotion Bar/ Massage Bar Workshop (3pm-4pm) FAQs Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?No age requirements. Just RSVP online in advance, kids are welcome! What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?There is free street parking in the area - it is a residential and industrial neighborhood, so on the weekends some parking on the main street (Fletcher) is more available. We also recommend parking more towards Eagle Rock Boulevard (towards the freeway). You might have to walk a little bit from the spot you find. 500 people are expected to attend, so we also recommend taking Uber, Lyft or riding a bike if you would prefer not to find parking.  Are pets allowed?Inside our retail store and on our outdoor patio. No pets allowed inside the warehouse space. Not even little ones inside those cute purses. Inside the retail store, or on the outdoor patio, no problem! How can I contact the organizer with any questions?Send us an email: [email protected], we will respond promptly What's the refund policy?Sales are final! We purchase supplies in advance for the workshops so they are non-refundable.  Read more about the Indie Eastside event here.  

Dec 15, 2017 6:00 PM

Relish and Whisky will be hosting a Muskoka Tasting on Friday December 15th between 6 and 10pm at the Hidden Valley Resort in Huntsville. Join us for an Intimate Evening showcasing some of your favorite Scotch, Whisky, Cocktails and Food in the great Canadian North.  Enjoy a selection of over 30 spirits paired with Chef Ashley Stenabaugh's fine selection of hors d'oeuvres. Brands & Ambassadors This event offers an up close evening with samples poured by award winning ambassadors like: Tish Harcus, Frank Biskupek, Matt Jones, Spencer Gooderham, Ray Daniel, Jamie Johnson, Cameron Millar and Jackie Demarco.  We'll have samples from the following brands: Aberlour, The Balvenie, Canadian Club, The Glenlivet, Gooderham & Worts, Highland Park, Jim Beam, J.P. Wiser's, Knob Creek, Lot No40, The Macallan and Maker's Mark. Lake of Bays Brewing Co Premium craft brewery located in the thriving metropolis of Baysville, in Muskoka. Drop by and Taste the Great Outdoors. http://lakeofbaysbrewing.ca Special Guest Speaker Author, Kevin Callan, will be presenting on his amazing paddling adventure down Scotland's Spey River where he stopped now and then, between running rapids and camping out below the snow-capped mountains, for a wee dram of whisky at some of the local distilleries. What an awesome trip. You won't want to miss this Bio- Kevin Callan is an author of 16 books, columnist for Explore magazine, a regular on CBC Radio, award winning filmmaker, and media celebrity. He knows how to paddle in a wilderness setting  - and how to taste test a good whisky while he's out there. Note: Must be 19 years or older to attend.  Excessive drinking and/or intoxication will not be tolerated. Patrons showing signs of either will be asked to leave. Please do not drink and drive. Stay the night at Hidden Valley Resort in beautiful Muskoka.  Hotel reservations 1-800-465-4171 or www.hvmuskoka.com

Jan 20, 2018 1:30 PM

Knife Skills      $95 Per Person          Sat, 10/28/17     1:30-4pm          OR       Sat, 1/20/18         1:30-4pm       OR       Sat, 3/10/18      3:30-6pm Learn how professionals Chop, Dice, Slice and Julienne items quickly and efficiently.  CHEF ERIC shows you knife holding grips, knife cuts and how to choose, sharpen, hone and care for your knives.  Learn to cut with ease advancing to more complicated and decorative Brunoise, Paysanne, Batonnet and Tourne Cuts.  Everything looks and tastes better when ingredients are cut uniformly, cook evenly and are presented beautifully.  Work with Vegetables, cut Chicken Breasts off the Bone, and see demonstration of De-boning a Whole Chicken.  You make a delicious meal to be enjoyed at the end of class. Welcome to the Culinary Classroom *A PRIVATE LOS ANGELES COOKING SCHOOL* where we teach cooking classes to the masses                                                                        changing the way Los Angeles eats, one recipe at a time Bring your creativity and questions as you explore Cooking and Pastry/Baking to start a new career or impress your friends with your SKILLS as a Master Chef or Pastry Chef   16-Week Master Chef Program – Certification Program 10-Week Master Baking/Pastry Program – Certification Program Recreational Cooking AND Baking Classes Couples Romantic Date Night Dinner Classes 4-Week Culinary Basics Cooking Series 4-Week Healthy Cooking Series Team Building Events for Corporations Private Cooking Parties/Celebrations for Adults KIDS Summer COOKING CAMPS   Gift Certificates Available Via Email – The Perfect Gift for ANY Occasion Register On-Line 24 Hours a Day @ www.culinaryclassroom.com/store   Sign up for our Newsletter – we’ll send you Class Listings and Seasonal Recipes! Cook Well, Eat Well and BE Well!  With Chef Eric Crowley                                        www.culinaryclassroom.com Convenient Parking/Freeway Close-405/10 1 Block East of Overland, Just North of Pico Parking Just North of Pico on Overland 2366 Pelham Avenue - Los Angeles, CA 90064 Phone:  310-470-2640 - Fax:  310-470-2642 www.facebook.com/chefericsculinaryclassroom www.twitter.com/chefericcrowley www.instagram.com/chefericsculinaryclassroom www.youtube.com/user/culinaryclassroom www.pinterest.com/chefericscc

Dec 02, 2017 7:00 PM

Couples Romantic Cooking 2   $200 Per Couple          Sat, 12/2/17    7-9:30pm        OR      Fri, 1/19/18     7-9:30pm        OR      Wed, 2/14/18  7-9:30pm        OR      Fri, 3/23/18     7-9:30pm Join us for some more sensual recipes starting with: Baked Salmon and Vegetable Packages in Soy Sake Sauce Creamy Gnocchi di Semolina Gratinati with Parmesan Cheese Crunchy Sliced Citrus Strip Loin Steak with Garlic, Soy Sauce and Sake Rice Pilaf with Onions and Leeks Stir-Fried Broccoli with Ginger, Garlic and Shallots Individual Chocolate Crème Brûlée BRING SOME WINE AND A DATE AND HAVE FUN LEARNING AND COOKING TOGETHER PERFECT FOR YOUR SPECIAL OCCASION - A GREAT Gift IDEA For your friends and family THE TABLE IS SET WITH TABLECLOTH AND CANDLES FOR YOUR ROMANTIC DINING Welcome to the Culinary Classroom *A PRIVATE LOS ANGELES COOKING SCHOOL* where we teach cooking classes to the masses  changing the way Los Angeles eats, one recipe at a time  Bring your creativity and questions as you explore Cooking and Pastry/Baking to start a new career or impress your friends with your SKILLS as a Master Chef or Pastry Chef   16-Week Master Chef Program – Certification Program 10-Week Master Baking/Pastry Program – Certification Program Recreational Cooking AND Baking Classes Couples Romantic Date Night Dinner Classes 4-Week Culinary Basics Cooking Series 4-Week Healthy Cooking Series Team Building Events for Corporations Private Cooking Parties/Celebrations for Adults KIDS Summer COOKING CAMPS   Gift Certificates Available Via Email – The Perfect Gift for ANY Occasion Register On-Line 24 Hours a Day @ www.culinaryclassroom.com/store   Sign up for our Newsletter – we’ll send you Class Listings and Seasonal Recipes!   Cook Well, Eat Well and BE Well!  With Chef Eric Crowley                                        www.culinaryclassroom.com Convenient Parking/Freeway Close-405/10 1 Block East of Overland, Just North of Pico Parking Just North of Pico on Overland 2366 Pelham Avenue - Los Angeles, CA 90064 Phone:  310-470-2640 - Fax:  310-470-2642 www.facebook.com/chefericsculinaryclassroom www.twitter.com/chefericcrowley www.instagram.com/chefericsculinaryclassroom [email protected]