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Are you in control of you time, finances and schedule?  Perhaps the plan of working 40 hours a week for 40 years so you can retire on 40 percent of your income is not for you. We show you how to increase your income while reducing taxes and interest so you have money to invest.   Do you have a home mortgage, student loans or other amortized debt you want to pay off faster?  We can show how to pay down your debt without changing your present lifestyle.   Have you thought about investing in the lucrative real estate market, but don’t know where to start, have the money or time to do a “flip”? We have the information to help guide you through a “flip”!  Are you working longer hours and not getting ahead? Einstein is often given credit for defining insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, is it time for you to make a change? Watch our webinar for Real Estate Investing Overview and see for yourself why you should be involved in Real Estate. This may be a life changing opportunity for you!  We will send the webinar link after registration! This is a recorded webinar and you can watch it immediately. Register Now!!

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Join us 2-24-2020 in Los Angeles, CA for our 5 Day  PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP Exam Prep Boot Camp led by Elga Lejarza-Penn!

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The Most Haunted and Creepy Historic Sites of the Old Pueblo If you want to hear about the haunted lore of old Los Angeles, you have to start at the historic center of the city; at the Pueblo of Los Angeles, founded in 1781. We are going to be taking a unique walk through the ghostly and the ghastly early history of the dusty pueblo that would become our great city. We are going to be visiting a few historic and ghostly sites: ● The Campo Santo at the Placita Church – the once forgotten Catholic burial site of many indigenous people and early immigrants. We will talk about the disturbed souls, unearthed during recent development. We will pay our respects to the souls of the people whose bones still rest in this empty lot near the church. ● Fort Moore Hill – we will visit the forgotten original Protestant burial site, the first non-Catholic cemeteries; which was built over without removing the bodies; becoming the home to Los Angeles High School and later the central offices for Los Angeles Unified School District, today it is the site of the Grand Performing Arts High School. We will also briefly mention the Jewish and catholic cemeteries that got built over in the surrounding area; the Old Jewish Cemetery and Old Calvary Cemetery, created near Chavez Ravine. ● The Avila Adobe – the oldest standing residence in Los Angeles, dating back to 1818. It has been used as a home, hotel, and even a temporary home for U.S. Troops. And it's also notoriously haunted, by possibly one of the wives of Avila, who was two times a widower. We will learn about the reported haunting of Encarnacion Avila, his second wife; she is said to regularly be heard crying inside the dwelling, and often seen in aspiration form in a rocking chair on the porch of the adobe. ● Pico House – this grand hotel was built by the last Mexican governor of California. Pio Pico was a man of great means, who because of his lavish lifestyle and bad grasp of finances lost everything to foreclosure. This grand former hotel is regarded as one of the most haunted buildings in the Pueblo. Is a proud but disgruntled Pio Pico responsible for the inexplicable sounds of footsteps and doors left ajar at this building? ● The site of the Chinese Massacre of October 1871 – the site of a race riot, where a mob of around 500 white and mestizo persons entered Chinatown and attacked, robbed, and murdered Chinese residents. Their ghosts of those lynched here are said to still haunt the dark alley. ● Pelaconi House – the oldest brick building in Los Angeles county, created by Italian immigrants in 1855; today it remains as the oldest Mexican restaurant on Olvera Street, the lovely La Golondrina Restaurant. It is claimed to be haunted by La Consuela – or “The Mistress,” a ghostly apparition who has been seen seen in the front stairwell looking out over Olvera Street. ● And lastly we will visit Union Station – This classic train station built in the 1930s has long been the final stop for many travelers, and also consequently the end of the line for many bloody bodies hidden in trunks. We will talk about one of the most gruesome cases in Los Angeles history which captivated the nation in October of 1931, the search for murderer Winnie Ruth Judd known as the “Tiger Woman”… and more aptly, the “The Trunk Murderess.” Do apparitions of Winnie and her blood-leaking steamer trunks still haunt the baggage claim? You be the judge of that! Join historian and community organizer Shmuel Gonzales the Barrio Boychik founder of Boyle Heights History Tours and historian with The Studio for Southern California History, as we explore our shared haunted history. We will be meeting in front of the LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes gift shop called “La Tienda,” located 424 N. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Do arrive early, as we will start checking in participants at 5:45pm to start our walk promptly at 6pm. PUBLIC TRANSIT: We recommend that people come by public transit. You can take any one of the major Metro Rail trains and MTA buses to Union Station. Our meeting spot is just two blocks away from Union Station, near the Plaza de Los Angeles State Park – Olvera Street, near the front entrance of the Plaza de Cultura y Artes bookstore called "La Tienda." PARKING: Ample parking is available in public lots in the surrounding area of the Plaza. Parking rates vary. La Plaza de Cultura y Artes' parking lot is located at the lot located at Arcadia and Spring Streets at 171 Arcadia Street, entrance on Arcadia. L.A. County Parking Lot 15 is located at 527 N. Spring Street at Avenida Cesar Chavez, entrance on Spring. Main Street parking is strictly prohibited. Union Station also has all-day parking available; though it is limited Ticket sales from this event go to support the space and programming for the Boyle Heights History Studio; where we promote the historical storytelling of Boyle Heights and greater Los Angeles, as told by the people of barrio. Thank you for your generous support! REMINDERS: This is a special event; there are no cancellations, refunds or future credits for passengers who miss the bus. TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

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Come for an afternoon of FREE Sampling and meet integrative health and lifestyle practitioners. Bring your questions and curiosities and be prepared to be pampered and inspired by the snacks and treatment samplings. *** For Free Entrance please register with your email and contact information to be included on the confirmed attendee list by Sep. 25, 2019. Otherwise enterance is by a nominal donation at the door.  Exhibitors are offering: Foot Reflexology, Kangen Water, Body Cleansing products, Reiki, Chakra Clearing and Re-balancing, Smudging Shells and Fans, Live Cell Microscopy, Oxygen support, Amethyst Biomat, RestoreChi, Life Coaching (Meet the Author), Homeopathy – organ evaluation, Theta Healing and Messages, Do Terra Essential Oils, Healing Jewelry, Chiropractic Evaluation, Angel Reading, Hypnosis, Natural Skincare Products, Artisan Soaps-meet the formulator, Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF), Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Customized Nutrition, Bio-available Supplements, Home Cleaning products, Vegan Makeup and more… Feel free to contact Nisreen if you have a question. Email: [email protected]        Phone: 416-571-2700

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After 20 years of teaching Wine Camp – we decided to elevate that program to a higher second tier.

Nov 07, 2019 7:00 PM

After 20 years of teaching Wine Camp – we decided to elevate that program to a higher second tier.

Dec 29, 2019 3:30 PM

After 20 years of teaching Wine Camp – we decided to elevate that program to a higher second tier.

Sep 25, 2019 7:00 PM

After 20 years of teaching Wine Camp – we decided to elevate that program to a higher second tier.

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The Boisset Collection is re-imagining the world of wine. We are currently expanding our innovative Ambassador program and we can’t wait to share our story with you. You will learn about our rich heritage in wine-making, taste a selection of our extraordinary wines, and hear how you can pour your passion into an exciting business opportunity as a Boisset Wine Ambassador. Come sip and see what we are all about! Who should attend:  Aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone considering a future in our amazing world of wine. Existing ambassadors are welcome, so bring a friend and join us for a lively and entertaining evening of wine tasting and sharing the social lifestyle of wine country. About the Boisset Collection: The Boisset Collection is a global, family-owned wine company founded in 1961 with more than 25 wineries and tasting rooms from California to France. Boisset Wine Ambassadors are personal wine curators who lead private in-home tastings and offer services such as corporate gifting and custom labeled wines. We are a global wine company rooted in history with a passion for innovation beyond the traditions of the wine industry. Led by our visionary proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset, our mission is to change the way people taste, experience, and buy wine. The Boisset Ambassador Program is an incredible opportunity to turn your passion for wine into a flexible, rewarding business. Location:  Los Angeles, CA 90066 There will be limited seating - A MUST to RSVP if you plan on attending. Please contact Loren Hoffman, Senior Director for more info. 310 466-3468 - [email protected]  

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Come join #LoneScoutJason on his quest to earn all the BSA Awards in California before he ranks up to Eagle.  Scouts BSA from any council or troop, regardless of gender or rank, can join in.  ========================= ABOUT THE RIM OF THE BAY/RIMROVERS The purpose of the RIM OF THE BAY patch program is to encourage hiking and to bring into the lives of our Scouts a "mountain top" experience. There are six Mountains that surround our area that you hike up. When you finish the first mountain you get a patch and a "rocker" with the name of the mountain. Rockers are awarded for each additional hike completed. All of these trips can be accomplished in a single day. There are camping sites at or near most if your plans include an overnight camp experience. Mount Tamalpais Trail Route - this a 8.5 miles loop Start at Pan Toll Parking Lot. Take the Easy Grade Trail. At Mountain Theater, take the Rock Springs Trail. At the West Poin Inn, take the Old Railroad Grade Fire Road to East Peak. Return on Old Railroad Grade Fire Road to West Point In, then on old Stage Fire Road to Pan Toll Parking lot.   Elevation: 2,571'Elevation Gain: 1,081' There is overnight camping at Pan Toll. It is first-come, first-served. One campsite can accommodate 8 people and 1 car.  Information available at   =================================== BSA Native Plants Award Requirements:    1. Complete a day or weekend hike of at least 5 miles round trip.    2. Each Scout will begin a plant and tree log book for identifying at least 10 local native plants or trees. When completed the log book must contain an identifying sketch or picture of each plant and tree and enough words that will help the Scout to identify the plants and trees to others. (Note: If a Scout only knows how to identify an oak tree by its acorns then he would have one of the items for his log book. On the other hand, if a Scout knew the difference between a Coast Live Oak and a Canyon Live Oak, he would have two items for his log book.)   3. Each Scout will identify at least 4 local native plants or trees on this hike and enter them into the log book.   4. The local native plant and tree log book must be completed within 3 months of the hike. Scouts who have previously passed First Class requirement 6 must also make their own log book.   5. Each Scout should know how to identify local poisonous or irritating plants such as Poison Oak and stinging nettles and how to treat for exposure to them. (Tenderfoot requirement 11) ===================================== NOTES - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: 1) Travel from wherever you are and the Mountain we will be hiking at is your responsibility.  2) This is NOT a drop off. All Scouts should be accompanied by 1-BSA Adult (21+) with YPT + 1st Aid from the same troop at the maximum ratio of 3-Scouts to 1-BSA Adult. 3) Cost listed is for the award patch + rocker + sales tax + shipping from San Francisco to Los Angeles to your home. There are NO REFUNDS effective August 12, 2019. 4) Scouts will wear comfortable clothing (moisture wicking shirt and moisture wicking socks) with hiking boots. Scouts will also bring their 10-essentials + lunch/snacks + water + money as needed. 5) California State Park Annual Pass is recommended for the "driving adult" of any Scout(s) planning to join #LoneScoutJason on his California Adventurer Quest. Details available at      

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Level 1 Certification Workshop will dive deep into the world of crystal healing.