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You’re invited to REGISTER for LAUNCH Academy Summer Nutritional Academic Camp! To take advantage of this opportunity click on REGISTER to start your application process. The application MUST BE COMPLETED by 5:00pm on June 21, 2019. PLEASE NOTE: You are submitting an application; this does not guarantee a spot in the LAUNCH Academy Summer Enrichment Program. You will receive a separate confirmation if your application is accepted. You will need to complete all enrollment requirements for your child to retain a spot in the LAUNCH Academy Program. Read All Program Details Carefully.    QUESTIONS: Contact Baldwin Bethany CDC at [email protected] or give us a call at (213) 392-9317. LAUNCH ACADEMY SUMMER NUTRITIONAL ACADEMIC CAMP (K-8) June 24 - August 2, 2019 8:00am - 1:00pm RJ Community Education Center4115 West Martin Luther King Jr. BoulevardLos Angeles, CA 90008   Enrichment Program This FREE program will allow your child the opportunity to be taught by certified instructors and set them up for success in the Fall! STEM Curriculum A STEM curriculum will be delivered by certified instructors from the UCLA Math Project and the UCLA Science Project Teams. Participants will be grouped by the following grade levels to receive focused attention: Kindergarten Grades 1 & 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grades 7 & 8   Daily Schedule 8:00am - 8:45am | Sign-in / Breakfast Served 9:00am - 12:00pm | STEM Projects and Exploration 12:00pm - 1:00pm | Lunch Served / Sign-Out  Field Trips will also be scheduled throughout the 6-week program. Parents/Guardians will receive notification and release forms prior to the field trips. ______________________________________________________ LAUNCH ACADEMY SNAC WILL BE CLOSED ON JULY 4th ______________________________________________________ To be considered for the LAUNCH Academy you must meet ALL the following application requirements: 1) Complete the LAUNCH Academy online application. 2) Submit the essay to LAUNCH Academy via email at [email protected] 3) Attend the mandatory Parent/Guardian Orientation on June 01, 2019. 4) Submit all required paperwork at Parent/Guardian Orientation. _________________________________________________________________ ESSAY SUBMISSION The goal of the LAUNCH Academy is to provide programming that empowers its participants by providing educational programs and activities rooted in Leadership, Academic Excellence, Unleashing Potential, Nutritional Health, College Bound, and High Self-Esteem principles. To complete the registration for LAUNCH Academy SNAC Program 2019, choose one topic below and write a short essay. Submit by June 21, 2019 to be considered for Open Registration. Your essay should be submitted as follows; √ Typed in size 12 font √ Email the essay to [email protected] √ Email Subject line should read: LAUNCH Academy Essay–Student's name       Example: LAUNCH Academy Essay – John Doe   Registration is first-come, first-serve. Submit essay to complete application.   K through 2nd Grade | Parents may complete the essay for student(s) 3rd and 4th Grade | Parents may assist their student(s) with the essay  5th through 8th Grade | Students will need to complete the essay   ESSAY TOPICS | K through 2nd Grade Levels (35 – 75 Words) Rain is moisture that falls from the sky.  Ask your student to describe what they like to wear, see, hear, eat and drink on rainy days.   What are some of their favorite things to do on rainy days?  An astronaut is a space traveler.  Ask your student to share why they would make a good astronaut.  Describe what activities your student would do as an astronaut.  ESSAY TOPICS | 3rd and 4th Grade Levels (200 – 300 Words) There are great scientists that make our world wonderful.  NASA scientists such as Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan or Mary Jackson as shown in the movie; Hidden Figures.  Or, agricultural scientists like George Washington Carver who invented over 300 products from peanuts, including some peanut based medicines. If you could become an expert in science what would it be? How would you use your expertise to improve your community and/or the future? There are many leaders who are caring and committed to a cause.  Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King cared about civil rights and committed themselves to that cause. Write about something that you care about.  How would you lead others to also care about your cause? ESSAY TOPICS | 5th through 8th Grade Levels (200 – 300 Words) Think back on your favorite principal, teacher or coach and the way they taught. What did this person teach you?  How did this person make a positive impact in your life? What lesson(s) learned will help carry you through college, life? Think of a leader you admire and share the accomplishments and qualities that make him or her a good leader.  Which quality do you share with him or her? Give an example of how you used the same quality in your life experience.   After you’ve completed your application and submitted your essay, you will be notified via email if your child has been accepted and enrolled into the program. Not all applicants will be accepted but will be added to the waitlist in case of any cancellations. Failure to complete all application requirements of the program will result in the cancellation of your child's enrollment. _________________________________________________________________ LAUNCH ACADEMY’S GOAL Our goal is to provide a summer enrichment program that empowers each participant by providing activities that are rooted in the following principles:          Leadership          Academic Excellence          Unleashing Potential          Nutritional Health          College Bound          High Self-Esteem      Sponsored by: University of California Office of the President (UCOP) University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)   University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Center X  Baldwin Bethany Community Development Corporation (BBCDC)