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Course Description: This 4-day Business Analyst training course will give you hands-on experience with the latest proven techniques for identifying a project’s scope, developing and discovering requirements and uses cases, and documenting them expertly. Lively lectures combined with insightful demonstrations and realistic practice exercises will provide you with the competence and confidence to improve project outcomes through better requirements elicitation and use case development. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the challenges faced in defining correct requirements, practical approaches for eliciting and documenting requirements, and strategies for managing requirements throughout the project life cycle. If you play a role in defining project scope, capturing requirements, or managing project scope, you can’t afford to miss this course! Day 1 1. Introduction 2. The BA Profession 3. The Business Case for Requirements Engineering 4. Foundations of Requirements Engineering Day 2 1. Project Initiation 2. Eliciting High-level and Mid-level Requirements 3. Scope Modeling Day 3 1. Eliciting Detailed Requirements 2. Documenting Requirements with Use Cases 3. Improving Use Case Quality 4. Improving Requirements Quality Day 4 1. Creating the Solution Requirements Documentation 2. Requirements Communication and Management 3. Review The Business Analysis Profession ● IIBA® and the BABOK® ● What is Business Analysis ● Business and Solution Domains—how they relat ● Key roles in requirements developmen ● The competencies of the Business Analys ● Distinguishing novice and expert Business Analyst ● Effective communication ● Six important BA skill ● Practice session The Business Case for Good Requirement ● What is a good requirement? ● Requirements attributes—who needs them? ● Key practices that promote excellent requirements ● The cost of requirements errors ● Requirements engineering overview ● Practice sessions Foundations of Requirements Development ● Key terms in requirements development ● A strategy for analyzing systems ● Common requirement-classification schemes ● The three parts of a system ● Levels and types of requirements ● The importance of traceability ● Understanding the business context of projects ● Practice sessions Project Initiation: Eliciting High-level and Mid-level Requirements ● Understanding product vision and project scope ● Identifying and describing project stakeholders ● Modeling the business ● Identifying systems and actors ● Determining scope ● Understanding and identifying use cases ● Taking the Agile approach: writing user stories ● Identifying and defining data ● Documenting business rules ● Finding quality attributes ● Practice sessions Improving Requirements Quality ● Requirements quality ● Common problems with requirements ● Analyze for ambiguity ● Requirements inspection, analysis and improvement ● Defining and documenting the project scope ● Practice sessions Eliciting Detailed Requirements ● Overview of requirements-elicitation techniques ● Decompose processes to lowest levels ● Document analysis ● Modeling processes to generate interview questions ● Interviewing the stakeholders ● Documenting the interview and resulting requirements ● Adding detail to requirements we already have ● Refine and rewrite for clarity ● Practice sessions Documenting Requirements with Use Cases ● Use case basics ● Ways to identify use cases ● Use cases and requirements ● Usage narrative ● Anatomy of a fully dressed use case ● Writing effective use case narratives ● Understanding sub-use cases ● Linking use cases for larger or more complex systems ● Use case quality ● Avoiding common traps and pitfalls ● Practice sessions Packaging and Presenting Requirements ● Organizing and packaging requirements ● Presenting requirements for review ● Baselining the requirements ● Getting to consensus and approval ● Conduct formal and informal reviews ● Documenting requirements in a Requirements Specification ● Practice sessions Learning Objectives: Individuals certified at this level will have demonstrated their understanding of: ● Bridge the expectations gap between business stakeholders and technology solution providers ● Enhance business analysis techniques to reduce project cost ● Implement practical methods for understanding user requirements ● Improve your requirements elicitation, development and documentation ● Understand and describe the business environment in which a project exists ● Explore proven tactics for managing project scope ● Focus on discovering root causes, not just symptoms ● Gain tools and techniques for developing more precise requirements ● Practice state-of-the-art business and system modeling techniques ● Organize and categorize project requirements ● Quickly identify accurate use cases for new or enhanced business systems ● Produce high-quality, readable use case documentation ● Avoid common use case traps and pitfalls ● Overcome real-world challenges that confront today’s Business Analysts

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Key Features: 2 Days of In-Person Boot-camp 2 Simulation Tests ITIL Foundation Exam Voucher [ Exam Fee Included , ( exam fee not included for Online Self Learning] 16 PDU Certificate Dedicated Learning Consultant 100% Money Back Guarantee   About ITIL Foundation The Foundation level is the entry level certification and offers you a general awareness of the key elements, concepts, and terminology used in the ITIL® service lifecycle, including the links between lifecycle stages, the processes used and their contribution to service management practices. Simplykart ITIL® Foundation Exam Prep is designed and developed by the global panel of ITIL® Expert instructors to ensure that our participants pass the ITIL® Foundation exam on their first attempt. Our hands-on training helped many participants in transforming their careers. Our Lead Instructor focus on the key concepts, terminologies and elements included with ITIL® service lifecycle management. Simplykart’s training includes best practices from ITSM processes and Service Management, ITIL® lifecycle Phase Interactions & Outcomes. Who Should Apply? ITIL certification is an essential requirement for professionals who need to learn the fundamentals of ITIL frameworks and how they may be used to enhance the quality of IT service management. This certification is best suited for: IT Managers/Support Teams IT Architects, Planners and Consultants System Administrators/Analysts Operations Managers Database Administrators Service Delivery Professionals Quality Analysts Application Management Team/Development Team Process Owners/Practitioners Exam & Certification You will be certified in ITIL® Foundation from AXELOS by following these processes: Step 1: Appear for ITIL® Foundation exam after completing the training. Step 2: Score 65% in 60 minutes [i.e. 26 answers out of 40 questions] Step   3:   Earn two ITIL® credits on successful completion of ITIL® Foundation exam Benefits of ITIL Foundation Certification 1.)    Manage risk in line with business & service disruption or failure 2.)    Show value for money 3.)    Optimize customer experience 4.)    Enable business change 5.)    Aids continuous service improvement  6.)    Support business outcomes 7.)    According, the pay ranges from  $81,040 to $111,053 per year What You Will Learn? Service Strategy : Strategy Management for IT Services, Service Portfolio Management, Business Relationship Management, Financial Management For IT Services, Demand Management Service Design: Design Coordination, Service Catalog Management, Service Level Management, Availability Management, Capacity Management, IT Service Continuity Management, Information Security Management. Service Transition: Transition Planning & Support, Change Management, Service Asset & Configuration Management, Release & Deployment Management, Service Validation & Testing, Change Evaluation, Knowledge Management Service Operation: Event Management, Incident Management, Request Fulfillment, Problem Management, Access Management, and the functions of: IT Operations, Technical Management, Application Management, Service Desk Continual Service Improvement: Seven-Step Improvement Process Course Agenda: Overview of ITIL By the end of this lesson, you will be able to explain the practice of Service Management, describe Service Lifecycle, identify key principles and models of ITIL® Foundation, define generic concepts in ITIL® 2011, and discuss the processes, roles and functions in ITIL® Foundation. Lesson 1: Introduction to service management This lesson will explain the best practices in IT Service Management, identify the stakeholders in service management, describe service management roles and responsibilities and explain the types of service providers. Lesson 2 – Service Strategy This lesson will explain the purpose, objective, scope and value of service strategy, identify the four processes in service strategy and explain the different types of services provided. Lesson 3 –Service Design By the end of this lesson, you will be able to explain the purpose, objective, scope and value of service design and list the roles and responsibilities of service design. Lesson 4 –Service Transition Here, you will learn how to describe the purpose, objective, scope and value of service transition and explain Configuration Item (CI) and Configuration Management System (CMS). Lesson 5 –Service Operations By the end of this lesson you will be able to describe the purpose, objective and scope of service operations phase, list the principles of communication and explain events, alerts and incidents. Lesson 6 –Continual Service Improvement This lesson describes the purpose, objective and scope of CSI and explains the value of CSI to improve business. Lesson 7 –Assessment Test if you are ready to take the exam, solve the questions which you might get in your certification exam. Why Simplykart? Simplykart's training is the best and value for time & money invested. We stand out because our customers Get trained at the best price compared to other training providers. Get trained by the best trainer in the industry. Get accesses to course specific learning videos. Get 100% Money back guarantee*.   Training Fee: $1399 Early Bird: Booking at least one month prior to the class start date Training Venue: Venue will be confirmed to the classroom participants one week prior to the workshop start date and online participants will get the session attendance link before 4- 5 days of the training start date. Venue is finalized one week prior to the start date so that we can accommodate last minute rescheduling from the participants and we do not incur additional cost for rescheduling or cancellation. Standard Fee: Booking within 30 days of training but 10 days prior to the start date. For more details please contact us at [email protected] or call us at +1 302-261-9363.   *To know more about the discount and money back, Contact us on chat, email or phone.  

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Learn to THRIVE & start creating the life you deserve! Learn the Fundamentals & Proper techniques of MicroBLADING and  MicroSHADING This workshop is for Beginners and Professionals. Class Cost: Total Workshop Cost: $2,495 Reserve your spot with a non-refundable deposit of $400 Location: Training Center in Arcadia, CA (Los Angeles Classes) Hours: 2- Day Workshop (9 AM to 5 PM Daily) WHAT WILL I LEARN? Proper Microblading & Shading techniques How to use the Permanent Makeup Machine properly Brow Shapes and Design Hair Strokes and Patterns Proper Stretch Proper Numbing Skin Tone, Color Theory Brow Mapping Skin anatomy (skin & brow structure) Workstation setup & requirements Safety and Sanitation Removing “Mistakes” Client Consultation & Aftercare Touch-up sessions Business setup & requirements AND MORE!! LIVE MICROBLADING DEMONSTRATION ON MODELHOMEWORK to take home  We continue to offer continued mentorship after your training!  Of course, you will continue to receive support after training! Our instructors are only a call, email or text away and questions and concerns can be answered quickly. At Addicted to Faces (a Lash Addict Company), we specialize in Microblading, Shading and Eyelash Extension training. Our high-energy, experienced instructors take pride in education! You will definitely leave our workshop feeling empowered and confident in the skills and knowledge you learn.   Starter Kit: The kit provided to you is complete with quality products for 15 clients. Permanent Makeup Machine Microblading Hand tool Comprehensive manual Microblading & Microshading blades/needles with different configurations Quality Pigments Effective eyebrow wax pencil   Variety of eyebrow stencils Measuring Ruler (key to achieving perfect symmetry and brow shape) Artificial Skins (variety of brows outlines & stencils) Effective Numbing Cream  Tattoo Licensing:  We simply the licensing process for you! Once you register, we will send you a list of approved online courses to receive your Bloodborne Pathogens certificate and additional info on how to obtain your license. Each state has their own regulations for permanent makeup. It is the student’s responsibility to research and confirm the requirements to offer the service of permanent makeup, which falls under Body Art and Tattoo. Your specific county health department will have all of the information you need to obtain a license. The Board of Cosmetology does not govern Microblading. You do not have to obtain an Esthetician or Cosmetology license to perform permanent makeup services. Proof of Bloodborne Pathogens for body artist Certificate of Completion. * Certificates will be issued to the name of the registrant. Please puchase the depost ticket and register under the student name.                                                                                                                                                       **Exact location will be emailed the week prior to the event for security purposes.                                              ***This payment is for deposit only to reserve your space in the workshop. The remainder of your balance of $2,095.00 in CASH is due at the start of the workshop. Company Website: Schedule a call with an instructor Email: [email protected] to connect! We look forward to hearing from you! 

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Course  Overview: The meaning of Soft Skills can sometimes be difficult to describe. It can be that unique attribute or characteristic that facilitates great communication. It can be the special way that you show confidence in a challenging situation. These and other events can become more easily managed with this great workshop. With our 10 Soft Skills You Need workshop your participants will begin to see how important it is to develop a core set of soft skills. By managing and looking at the way people interact and seeing things in a new light, your participants will improve on almost every aspect of their career. Target Audience: Professionals who are interested in learning Effective Soft Skills Learning Objectives: After completing this course, Individuals will be able to demonstrate their understanding of: What are Soft Skills? Effective Communication Teamwork Problem Solving Time Management Attitude and Work Ethic Adaptability/Flexibility Self-Confidence Ability to Learn From Criticism Networking Prerequisites: None Course Materials: Students will receive a course manual with presentation slides and reference materials. Technical Requirements: For eBooks: Internet for downloading the eBook Laptop, tablet, Smartphone, eReader (No Kindle) Adobe DRM supported software (e.g. Digital Editions, Bluefire Reader) eBook download and activation instructions Agenda: Module One: What are Soft Skills? Definition of Soft Skills Empathy and the Emotional Intelligence Quotient Professionalism Learned vs. Inborn Traits Case Study Module One: Review Questions Module Two: Soft Skill 1: Communication Ways We Communicate Improving Non-Verbal Communication Listening Openness and Honesty Case Study Module Two: Review Questions Module Three: Soft Skill 2: Teamwork Identifying Capabilities Get Into Your Role Learn the Whole Process The Power of Flow Case Study Module Three: Review Questions Module Four: Soft Skill 3: Problem Solving Define the Problem Generate Alternative Solutions Evaluate the Plans Implementation and Re-evaluation Case Study Module Four: Review Questions Module Five: Soft Skill 4: Time Management The Art of Scheduling Prioritizing Managing Distractions The Multitasking Myth Case Study Module Five: Review Questions Module Six: Soft Skill 5 and 6: Attitude and Work Ethic What Are You Working For? Caring for Others vs. Self Building Trust Work Is Its Own Reward Case Study Module Six: Review Questions Module Seven: Soft Skill 7: Adaptability/Flexibility Getting over the Good Old Days Syndrome Changing to Manage Process Changing to Manage People Showing You"re Worth Your Weight in Adaptability Case Study Module Seven: Review Questions Module Eight: Soft Skill 8: Self-Confidence Confident Traits Self-Questionnaire Surefire Confidence Building Tactics Build Up Others Case Study Module Eight: Review Questions Module Nine: Soft Skill 9: Ability to Learn From Criticism Wow, You Mean I"m Not Perfect? Listen With An Open Mind Analyze and Learn Clear the Air and Don"t Hold Any Grudges Case Study Module Nine: Review Questions Module Ten: Soft Skill 10: Networking Redefining Need Identifying Others" Interests Reaching Out When to Back Off Case Study Module Ten: Review Questions Module Eleven: Wrapping Up Words From The Wise Review Of The Parking Lot Lessons Learned Recommended Reading Completion Of Action Plans And Evaluations

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Drop-In Kids Summer Art Camp: July and August 8:30 am to 12:30pm Tuesday and Thursdays Ages 8 - 13 $165 (month) $35 (Drop-In) 8:30 to 9:00 - Start the Day setting an Intention9:00 to 9:45 - Yoga Flow 9:45 to 10am - Break10am to 12:30pm - Art Class July 9th - Spring Flower Clay Pot and CanvasJuly 16th - Japanese Anime Manga July 23rd - Georgia O’Keeffe’s Expressionist inspired on canvas (12x16)July 30th - Mixed Media Abstract Painting July 4th - Acrylic Pouring Paint on Canvas (8x10)July 11th - Papier Mache Mardi Grass Masks PaintJuly 18th - Claude Monet French Impressionist inspired on canvas (12x16) August 6th - Georgia O’Keeffe’s Expressionist inspired on canvas (12x16)August 13th - Japanese Anime Manga August 20rd - Van Gogh’s Impressionist inspired on canvas (12x16)August 27th - Mixed Media Abstract Painting and Pizza August 1st - Acrylic Pouring Paint Media on Canvas (8x10)August 8th - Papier Mache Mardi Grass Masks PaintAugust 15th - Claude Monet French Impressionist inspired on canvas (12x16)August 22th - Landscape Painting Outdoors (park) August 29h -  Romero Britto Expressionist on Canvas & Artist Exposition & Pizza Create: Young artists will have a great time stretching their imaginations as well as learning fundamental drawing skills. It includes having each guest work on their very own acrylic painting on an 11″× 14″ pre-stretched canvas inspired. All supplies are included. Art Instructor Bio - Luciana Kuamoto Luciana Kuamoto is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Professional Artist and Reiki practitioner. She exudes enthusiasm and passion about drawing, and is continually pushing boundaries within her artwork. She creates in a myriad of mediums including molding paste on acrylic inks on canvas and wood, as well as watercolor. She create Angatu Studio based on a global mind inspired by nature. In the South American native language of tupi-guarani, Angatu means the welfare of the people, happiness and good soul. She loves nature in all of its seasons, stormy skies, wild rapids, tranquil lake waters, majestic mountains and quiet and peaceful landscapes. On weekends she can easily be found enjoy hiking, skiing, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in the winter; and hiking and camping in the summer time. Being outside and connected to nature makes her truly happy, where she often turn towards for inspiration, meditation and motivation. Sometimes a brief sighting of wildlife can be a life long enrichment.  Because the natural world allows itself to be discovered again and again.  Luciana Kuamoto - Artist Website   More Info... Motion Gallery Art Website: Address:  2001 10 Avenue SWCalgary, AlbertaT3C 0K4 Phone: (403) 457 0019 Hours of Operation: Monday & Tuesday: ClosedWednesday: 12 – 6 pmThursday: 12 – 8 pmFriday: 3 – 8 pmSaturday: 12 – 5 pmSunday: 12 – 4 pm We depend on the availability of volunteers. Please call or email ahead of time. FAQs What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? Temporary drop-off parking available at location (2001 10 Avenue SW) What can I bring into the event? Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable weather-appropriate clothing for yoga & art classes and as you may be outdoors sometimes. We are not responsible for damage to clothing or personal belongings.  Bring a water bottle & nut-free snack. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early. Have fun! How can I contact the organizer with any questions? If you have any questions, please contact the Artist Coordinator, Luciana Kuamoto at [email protected]  What's the refund policy? To withdraw, a $5 (drop-in)/ $25 (month) fee applies. No refunds or transfers are offered on or after 14 days before the course start date. Please call Luciana Kuamotoat (403) 467-1184. Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable? Your answer goes here Medical Form and Waiver required:  We must have an online medical information form completed and an informed consent signed prior to participating in this program. There is also an optional photo release form. Please fill these forms out online when registering. Cost Includes:  Qualified instruction, activity specific materials, and costs for other activities.

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Campfire Painting Class Details: Join us for a colorful paint sesh at Brooks Bar in Riverside, CA. Come paint your own colorful version of “Campfire” with The Paint Sesh. Enjoy a tasty drink from the bar while painting this summertime camping inspired masterpiece. The instructor/entertainer will guide you and your friends through two hours of lively creativity, drinks, laughs and lets be honest, art is a form of creative therapy so you don’t have to feel bad for treating yourself a fun night out! No experience needed to have a good time. Just bring a friend or two, grab a drink and we’ll take care of the rest. See you there! Paint & Sip Event: Must be 21+ to attend this event. Please note, this is NOT A BYOB event. No food or drink is included with your ticket price, and may be purchased at the restaurant. Tip from The Paint Sesh: The painting event will begin promptly at the time listed. We recommend for you to arrive at least 15 minutes before the eventto get checked in, get yourself a drink or some tasty apps, and get yourself preferred seating. If you’re coming with a large group of 6 or more, make sure you arrive 30 minutes early to get seats together. Having cash with you is always a good idea. We have souvenirs, (such as enamel pins, stickers etc.) that you can purchase at the event. Or you can help keep your artist from becoming a starving one – tips are not required, but appreciated!

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This is the ultimate Camp Fuel end of Summer send off! An outdoor bootcamp followed by group hangs at Brewer's Backyard an incredible family friendly beerfest.  We'll make our way through an extremely fun bootcamp class in the park filled with partner work and team drills, all while in nature! What to Bring: As little as possible! We'll be moving around a lot, so there is nowhere for you to store your belongings. All you need is: Outdoor running shoes & a water bottle.  WHAT YOU'LL GET: 1 hr kickass outdoor bootcamp class from Camp Fuel 1 Beer courtesy of Brewer's Backyard (Additional Beer or Food is extra)A fun and interactive workout where you'll meet some awesome new peopleA great opportunity to meet new people (Just moved to Toronto or anyone looking to expand your social circle etc.)Leaving feeling motivated and inspired A new group of friends to enjoy a fun Beer Festival with About Camp FuelCamp Fuel is a growing community of fitness & community lovers. We sweat all year long through various day camps and classes, but the real fun happens at our overnight Camp Fuel weekend in June in Muskoka. It's an all inclusive weekend packed with unlimited fitness classes with Toronto's top instructors, all meals, evening drinks etc. It's a 2 night cabin stay filled with 3 days of fun. Relive your childhood by heading back to Camp as an adult. for more information.  About Brewer's BackyardHope you have had a great summer. Brewer’s Backyard is back to celebrate our final festival of the summer with the Fruits of our Labour event on Monday, September 2nd. What better way to start September off right then with another BB beer festival. We have an amazing line up of breweries that will be pouring including Big Rig, Black Oak, Collective Arts, Eastbound, Exchange Brewery, Indie Alehouse, Shacklands, and St. Mary Axe. You won’t want to miss this one. All this fabulous beer will be accompanied by a tasty food line up including, 6 Grillers, Fidel Gastro, Meltdown Cheesery,  and the Pop Stand. Please Drink ResponsiblyDon't Drink and Drive Rain or Shine

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This is a Programming course for beginners which introduces students to computer programming by presenting the fundamental concepts and terminology of programming. Skills in designing and writing simple computer programs are developed. Students will learn how to code in C#, .Net using Microsoft Visual Studio development environment.   Week Days Schedule for 4 weeks This is a 4 weeks long training course held on Monday and Wednesday every week between 6:30 and 8:30 PM US Pacific time. The course starts on August 26th and ends on September 23rd, 2019. Please check your local date and time for first session. Please see at the bottom for more detailed weekly course schedule 16 hours of Instructor led LIVE Training 4 weeks | 8 sessions | 2 sessions per week Practical Hands-On Training experience Learn to code with Visual Studio   What you will learn Learn programming concepts and terminology; read, trace, and understand simple code; write, test, and debug code to solve problems, and use IF statements and loops. Identify and write basic programs using constructs, such as variables and constants.   Who can take this course This course is designed for adults, 18 years and older who are interested in learning general programming concepts. This course also provides a foundation for students desiring to learn one or more programming languages. This course is intended to be an exposure to programming for students who have never seen or worked with programming languages.   Prerequisite Windows and basic computer proficiency The prerequisites are considered to be the basic skills and knowledge needed prior to taking this class. Instructors will assume your readiness for the class materials and will NOT use class time to discuss prerequisite materials.   Course Contents Introducing Basic Concepts Overview of program execution path Overview of high level programs Overview of programming styles: procedural, structured, event-driven Overview of basic terminology: functions, procedures, classes, objects Introducing Microsoft C# .NET Explain the development environment Explain the assignment statement syntax Explain the syntax used for comments Code first program Explain basics of a C# program Using Elementary Statements Describe data types and literals Explain variables and constants Explain arrays Explain IF statement Explain loop statements Using Operators and Expressions Explain expressions Describe operators: arithmetic, assignment, comparison, logical Describe value data type versus reference data type Describe use of reference type variables Describe data type conversion Describe comparisons of number and string data types Detailed Course Schedule This course is attended by students from across all time zones in US, Canada and countries around the world including UK, many European and Asian Countries as well as Australia. Please check your Local Date and time for the first session and subsequent sessions as well.  August 26, 2019 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM US Pacific Time August 28, 2019 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM US Pacific Time September 2, 2019 - No class due to Labor Day National Holiday in US.  September 4, 2019 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM US Pacific Time September 9, 2019 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM US Pacific Time September 11, 2019 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM US Pacific Time September 16, 2019 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM US Pacific Time September 18, 2019 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM US Pacific Time September 23, 2019 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM US Pacific Time

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The African Fashion and Music festival is back for its 10th year anniversary. this year's event will be a spectacle to behold. On Labor Day weekend 2019, Ankara Festival Los Angeles celebrates We are celebrating 10 years African Excellence in the diaspora. with a line up of activities; Fashion Runway, Music Performers, Comedy, Live Band, Saxophonist, Dancers, It promises to be exciting as its Patrons are expected to be sophisticatedly dressed in Ankara ttire, African Cultural attire.     ANKARA AFRICAN FASHION AND MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019 ***** EVENT LINE-UP******** 'LABOR DAY WEEKEND 2019 ----------------------- DAY 1 ----------------------- FRIDAY AUGUST 30th ☆AFLA Opening Party☆ TIME: 9:00pm- 3:00am VENUE: ZANZIBAR LOS ANGELES 3311 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90007 ----------------------- DAY 2 ----------------------- SATURDAY AUGUST 31st AFLA DAY PARTY: MUSIC l VENDORS l ARTS l FOOD l FACE PAINTING Time: 2:00pm - 9:00pm VENUE: CAAM, 600 State Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90037 ----------------------- DAY 3 ----------------------- SUNDAY Sept 1st: ☆RED CARPET ☆ Time: 3:00pm Prompt ☆RUNWAY SHOW & MUSIC CONCERT☆ Time: 5:00pm- 8:00pm ☆AFTER PARTY ☆☆ Time: 10:00pm - 3:00AM VENUE: Globe Theater 740 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014 FEATURING ════════════════════════════════ FASHION SHOW DESIGNERS COMEDY STAGE PERFORMANCES FOOD SPONSORSHIP CONTACT **************************************** Website :: EMAIL: [email protected], [email protected] Phone: (818) 676-9141 #TEAMAFLA

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Join us September 6th and 7th at the official launch event for Somos Arte: The Creative Movement of El Salvador at MOLAA in Long Beach, CA.  Official schedule: Friday September 6th, 2019 - (7PM-10PM) Premiere of Somos Arte: The Creative Movement of El Salvador Q&A hosted by Curly Velasquez of Pero Like! following the episode 1 premiere Food vendors Wine & beer bar Saturday September 7th, 2019 (12pm-10pm) Live music feat. Buyepongo, Feefa, Irene Diaz, Leche Funk + MORE TBA Food vendors Art vendors (Los Angeles & El Salvador) Augmented Reality Art Exhibit by AR Funhouse featuring artists from El Salvador Scheduled replays of the documentary Wine & beer bar PARKING IS FREE AT THE MUSEUM $40.00 2-day passes $15 Friday passes $30 Saturday passes AVAILABLE NOW For more information visit or visit our social media pages @somosartedoc   FAQs   Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? This is an ALL AGES event. ID will be required for all alcohol purchases.   How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Please contact us at [email protected]   What's the refund policy? We are not offering refunds. All sales are final.    Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends? Ideally we would like to have all information match, but if this is a gift or a special situation please notify us ahead of time by e-mailing us at [email protected]  

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FLOOR MASTERS DANCE CAMP 2019 IS BACK FOR A THIRD YEAR! FOR 2 DAYS OF FUN, TRAINING, AND DANCE THE BIGGEST DANCE CAMP IN THE CARIBBEAN -2 DAYS OF DANCE -11 CLASSES - 8 STYLES -1 NIGHT OF BEASTT DANCE BATTLES -4 INTERNATIONAL CHOREOGRAPHERS -1 REGIONAL CHOREOGRAPHER -3 LOCAL CHOREOGRAPHERS DATES: SATURDAY 31ST AUGUST, 2019  SUNDAY 1ST SEPTEMBER, 2019 TIME: SATURDAY: 9 AM - 9 PM BeasTT Battles: 7pm SUNDAY: 9 AM - 7 PM LOCATION: Jean Pierre Complex Izzy - Afro beats - Nigeria/NYC Iziegbe “Izzy” Odigie is a 22-year-old Afro-fusion dancer/choreographer who is killing it. Born in Brooklyn, but she grew up in Edo State (Nigeria), Izzy started dancing at a young age while in boarding school and rose to the top. In 2007, she moved to the states and trained in hip-hop and other dance styles. While in university she co-founded the TRŸBE Dancerz which are a talented group of fierce, female African dancers that are not only busting the best dance moves but creating the trends as well. While in this group, she performed at many events for several Afrobeats artists. One of her first viral videos was with her dancing on stage with Ugandan Artist, Eddy Kenzo. This video of Izzy went viral on Instagram and other social media networks.  From then on, Izzy has danced in numerous music videos, performed at One Africa Fest, working with the likes of Tiwa Savage, Mr. Eazi, and more. In 2017 her choreography for Dj Flex – Eggplant went viral as she introduced her Eggplant Tour, where she teaches her choreography. Brinda Guha - Indian Contemporary - NYC Based on the core of the Contemporary Indian style lies the fusion of the intricacies of classical Indian dance: footwork, expression, and hand movements, with targeted exercises to provide for a fulfilling and fresh contemporary dance routine at the end of every class. This class attempts to investigate the communicative potential when merging western dance traditions with a classical Indian foundation. It starts with a vigorous yet meditative warm-up and proceeds to elaborate on Indian classical and contemporary technique. This leads to a dynamic movement language and exchange and leaves the dancer with a clear understanding of the relevance and importance of Indian aesthetic in the performing arts. Russha -Kai Williams - Trinidad and Tobago My name is Russha Kai Williams, born, bred and raised in the sweet isles of Trinidad and Tobago. Ever since I’ve known myself I’ve been fascinated and drawn towards most things pertaining to fitness, health, and the human body. I began gymnastics at the tender age of 6, where I reached the competitive level. After spending just about 11 years as a gymnast, I branched off into the field of dance. I was always intrigued by modern/contemporary dance. I’m a sucker for good, soulful music (mainly old school). Music does something to my body and I always feel the need to express it; through dance, stretching or some form of movement. I spent one and a half years performing with the Universoul Circus (US based), where I was able to represent my country (Trinidad and Tobago), on an international level. Currently, I’m a stretch/flexibility instructor, personal trainer, gymnastics coach (for over 10 years) and completed 200 hours to become a Yoga instructor. I truly believe that the human body is the best form of art. When I began my company/brand “Perfect-Sea” years ago, my goal then (and now) has remained the same; to allow individuals to become comfortable with their bodies and for humans to recognize how amazing our bodies are, no matter the shape, structure or size. I am Perfect-Sea and I represent ART. Terry David - African- Trinidad and Tobago Terry David, Choreographer, Dance Educator, Instructor /Lecturer at the Academy for the Performing Arts and Folk Dance Specialist. Founder and Artistic Director of the Terry David Performing Theatre. Represented Trinidad and Tobago on numerous occasions both locally and internationally as a dance Ambassador and Folk Dance Specialist. Lauren Cox- Contemporary and Jazz -San Francisco Bay Area Lauren Cox is a performer, teacher, choreographer, model and adventurer who hails from the San Francisco Bay Area.  Lauren was nurtured as a young poet and a little later a competitive Rhythmic Gymnast.  She competed around the country from age 6-17 eventually achieving 20th in the nation.  Lauren has appeared on Saturday Night Live, Black Girls Rock with Alicia Keyes, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with Gwen Stefani, Google Spotlight with Pharrell, AFC Championships with LLCoolJ, at the Hong Kong Coliseum with Joey Yung and in the Off-Broadway play, Seeing You as night club singer, Joan DeBeauvoir to name a few.  She has worked with industry leaders such as Ryan Heffington, Randy Weiner, Rhapsody James, Fatima Robinson, Nick Kenkel, NappyTabs, Joanna Numata, Luam and Danielle Flora.  Her extensive career has led her to teach in India, Hong Kong, Bolivia, and Colombia often infusing volunteer classes at local orphanages and girls shelters.  Lauren is honored to be a certified teacher for the year-round program at Joffrey Ballet School Jazz & Contemporary and travels representing the school.  She teaches open classes at other NYC Studios and is the resident MC for the Planned Parenthood Benefit Series Wise Fruit NYC curated by Brinda Guha.  Lauren’s Choreography has been commissioned by Columbia University, Hunter College, Joffrey Ballet School, Milford Readers & Writers Festival, MassBliss Mindfulness Festival, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, Harlem Arts Festival and many more. Hollywood - Hip Hop - Los Angeles Born in Puerto Rico and raised in uptown NYC, Jose "Hollywood" has been dancing since the age of five. After years of training in dance, his passion for it grew into teaching and choreography, and he began teaching at Broadway Dance Center in 2006. Hollywood has taught at well-renowned dance studios and continues to travel teaching his style of hip-hop all across the globe. His professional career was taken to the next level when he became the Lead Choreographer for rising hip-hop star Lil Mama. He then went on to work for various platinum recording artists such as Chris Brown, Ciara, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, J.Lo. Nandi Yard - Soca Fusion - Barbados [email protected] dance member-Dancer for Machel Montano-has 17 years of dance experience in various styles-Danced for some of the best artists in the Caribbean- Arturo Tappin’, Lil rick, Ricardo dru, Rupee, lyrical, Teddyson John, Voice and many more.-performed on Wendy Williams with Riddim Tribe and performed representing Barbados with the Brooklyn Nets Dren - Trinidad and Tobago - Hip Hop  Rene Arneaud is one half of the dancing duo known as DREN. Andre Arneaud is the other half. “ITS THE HOW”  is the very tagline of the dancing brothers. They aim to inspire and entertain any interested audience through dance. A strong parental foundation contributes mostly if not entirely to the creative energy and effort put in to what they do. It starts them off, gets them through and at no point in time is taken for granted. Rene and Andre have worked with soca artistes such as Machel Montano and Kes the band. Their dancing has also given them the opportunity to branch off into the world of theatre and be an integral part of the DC SHELL THEATRE family, where they have been blessed to be exposed to the experience that it has to offer. They have taken part in a number of productions and competitions, locally and internationally and have been successful in achieving the world hip hop dance championship title in 2007 and the digicel rising stars title in 2006. Dren’s journey is still unfolding in new directions everyday and they continue to be passionate and draw inspiration from positivity in the world today. They enjoy HOW they do, what they do and are very thankful for the opportunity to do it.  

Aug 25, 2019 11:00 AM

Welcome to Wisdome LA - new immersive art park in Arts District We are dedicated to presenting the avant-garde transformational experiences and unforgettable events in a unique Los Angeles Arts District multiple projection domes setup. SAMSKARA is an immersive art exhibition featuring works of transformational artist Android Jones. Samskara includes: Full dome mapping projection show Android Jones art gallery Microdose VR experience Interactive photo experience  Video about Samskara  What is SAMSKARA?  Samskara (sanskrit संस्कार)) is the scope of experiences which we collect through our life journeys: the infinite flow of feelings, actions, ideas, choices, and emotions. Good samskara is driven by positive experiences and deeds, while negative samskara is the result of evil or selfish thoughts and actions. Samskara allows us to experience inner conflicts, conflicts between people, nations, religions, and generations, through which we evolve to a more industrial world and end up with complete destruction... but total devastation clears the path for rebirth and revival, and the eternal quest for light, magic, goodness and harmony in better, more spiritual, realms. You make the choice... Links: Website: Instagram:  Facebook: / Hours of Operation: Thursday 11am - 9pm (Doors close at 8:15pm. Final Samskara showing is 8:30pm) Friday 11am - 12am   Friday Samskara After Dark Special Events from 7pm - midnight (additional fee) Saturday 11am - 12am, after 6pm Samskara experience will be playing in one of our smaller domes Saturday Samskara After Dark Special Events from 7pm - midnight (additional fee) Sunday 11am - 9pm (Doors close at 8:15pm. Final Samskara showing is 8:30pm) Tickets for regular operating hours maybe be used for other dates as long as the ticket has not been scanned. Re-entry for the day is welcomed. Rain or Shine, we are open.  After Dark Special Events have live musical performances, food, beverages and cash bar available, as well as a variety of performances from sound healing to a journey through the stars. (Regular admission does not include special events, guest are welcomed to upgrade at anytime if tickets are still available.) Box office last call is at 10:50pm   Doors close at 11pm   No re-entry after 11:30pm We are closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  What is the location? Wisdome LA 1147 Palemetto St, Los Angeles, CA 90013. Where can I park? There is no private parking space. You can park on the street for FREE or use a public parking facility nearby called Mateo Garage at 1262 Palmetto St, Los Angeles, CA 90013. Uber & Lyft is highly suggested.  How much are tickets? Standard - $29.00 Student - $19.00 (Must have student ID to redeem ticket at the door) Military - $19.00  Senior - $19.00 (Ages 55 and over)  Child  - $9.00 (Ages 12 and under) Group tickets 5 tickets for the price of 4 10 tickets for the price of 8 Group of tickets are sold as a bundle and are all to be used at the same time to receive discounted price. Not for separate individual use. Please contact us [email protected] for more information about the group ticketing